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NEW! Utilize up to 999 Auto Post templates. Post up to 24 ads per day.

Advanced Distributor membership includes utilization of big ad title roll-over animated banner ads.

Each banner can be big - up to 300 x 125 pixels and can be linked to any WDM ad or to your "All Ads Wi-Web Search Page."
Important! Encourage browsers to search YOUR ads instead of all ads on the WDM site. Put your Wi-Web link in all graphics.

  • Cross marketing to EU Wireless Dealer Market included with this membership.
  • Auto Post (post all selected ad templates with one click.) included.
  • Utilize up to 999 Auto Post templates.
  • WIA Bulk Email List Available (4,000 contacts.)
  • Up to 20 Roll-Over Pop-Messages & Pop-Banners that you create can be stored for your use with posted ads. Each can be hyperlinked to your web page URLs. Prices and contact information ARE allowed in your Pops. Feel free to use prices and contact informational in your POP messages or POP banners.
  • This dynamic feature provides maximum attention to your WDM ads. You can change any of your Roll-Over Pops anytime. CLICK HERE for details about using this exciting new feature.



Mini-Web and domain name provided with membership, no charge.

  • Post up to 24 ads per day.
  • Utilize up to 999 Auto Post templates.
  • Use of up to 8 email addresses and phone numbers. Contact information can be edited at the posting page.
  • Use of up to 20 different Pop-Messages & Pop-Banners. Can be big - 300 x 125 pixels.
  • Utilize DBA or brand name (alias).
  • Use of graphic ad title icons.
  • Posting to EU WDM included.
  • Advanced Email marketing available. WIA Bulk List Included.
  • Wi-Web - your wireless industry custom web site and domain name -our server -
    included with member
    ship. Click Here:>> 
  • | How to use the Pop-Messages & Pop-Banners Feature. |

Call or email to upgrade to advanced distributor membership privileges.

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